About Us

About Us

Brief History
The journey of Gangaputra started way back in 1983 as a small pharmaceuticals.

Gangaputra has come a long way since then, from a small pharmaceuticals in Jind. Since its inception Gangaputra Hospitals has successfully combined the three critical elements of patient care - accomplished doctors, advanced technology and, most importantly, personal touch.

It is renowned for its medical expertise, excellent nursing care and quality diagnostics. Medical specialists on the hospital's panel of doctors include some 
of the most distinguished names in the medical faculty.

Gangaputra Hospital is the largest corporate healthcare group in Jind operating successful, fully independent, super-specialty hospital. At  Gangaputra Hospital we treat more than 3 lakh people annually - more than any other private healthcare organization in the state.

Core Values

Mission Statement
To provide world-class healthcare services at affordable costs, in all medical departments. With a constant and relentless emphasis on quality, excellence in service, empathy, and respect for the individual.

Values & Principles

We recognize that every person is important, and hence deserves the very best care possible. We will not be mechanical in our approach to work. We will be personal.

We understand that people walking through our doors are often going through a stressful time. We will go the extra mile to help both patients and their loved 
ones, feel completely at ease through courteous interactions at every stage.

Whatever be the health problem, we will be fully capable of diagnosing and treating it effectively. Through the use of advanced technology, techniques and processes.

We will be true to the trust that is placed in us. We will be faithful in following every procedure and principle. With our primary focus on always doing 
what is best for the patient.

To continuous learning. To find better methods of prevention and cure. Through undertaking, supporting and commissioning research, in various medical and paramedical fields.

Ensuring that we give back significantly to the society we live in through education, through planned charity and the supporting of local initiatives for 
better health.